Affordable Search Engine Optimisation

Affordable SEO

If you haven’t had an email telling you that your website ‘could be doing better in search engines’ and ‘guaranteeing you top spot in Google’ then you must feel left out.

Affordable Search Engine Optimisation is about getting your website positioned at the optimum level for a price you can afford.  That is: as high as possible in search engine results for the search terms that will bring you the most business possible without spending more than you have to.

  • It’s easy to get placed at position 1 or 2 for most domain names.
  • It’s harder to get those positions when other businesses target the words that make up your domain name
  • It’s even harder when you want to target words that aren’t in your domain name but are already well sought after by other businesses.

How Good Is ‘Affordable Search Engine Optimisation’

I have a sound track record of successful results across a range of terms for all the businesses I work for.  All too often I find they have been let down by website designers who can create a good-looking site with a few  ’natural’ SEO strengths.  These sites perform reasonably well in Google or Yahoo for a limited range of terms.  The website designer then charges for SEO work, often on an ongoing basis, without doing anything to check or improve the site’s performance over time.

At affordable optimisation I do things a little differently.  I’m happy to talk to – and listen to- my customers.  I’ll explain what I do, why I do it and what results I expect from my work.

I’m transparent about the results that are achieved.  My customers can access their own stats reports to see how their site is performing.  I’ll explain the stat’s I use and access.  I point out to my customer when work is needed to refresh or update content in line with competition, changes in trends or changes in how search engines rank sites.

I guarantee that if I accept you as a customer then I will improve on your existing Search Engine Optimisation results.

Most importantly, my prices are ridiculously low for the service I offer.  I work from home, so don’t have much by way of overheads to worry about.  That’s how I can be so affordable.

Contact me now for an affordable search engine optimisation site appraisal and price.  Very soon your business could be moving up, in search engines as well as in terms of profitability.

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